Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hectic..no other words

We are in the final stretch---- only 3.5 more weeks at school for the year (Southern hemisphere schools run form Jan to Dec).

I don't have time to even read emails let alone blog!

We have also just begun the festive season social whirl. It is so fun to have 5 different functions to attend EVERY weekend...BUT I am noticing how my age is affecting my stamina!

We are all tired during the week but luckily manage to brighten up just in time for Friday night!

I am planning the itinerary of exciting things for all our December international guests.....still haven't even begun to plan food and gifts....Hopefully just having them here will be fun enough and they won't notice the lack of intricately planed gourmet meals that I normally do...

I have found green prawns here but not cooked and alcohol is still unavailable so might be a bit challenging to plan ahead LOL


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh... all those parties, sounds like a ton of fun! Breathe, just remember to breathe.

Sass said...

I miss all the Christmas Parties, Secret Santa, champagne and having a wonderful time by the beach.

Its going to be my first year not being able to experience it all!

So, I got the people at work to throw a small Christmas party on the 19th and have secret santa!

I'm envious of your guests from home!