Friday, November 09, 2007

Dell Dimension 5150

I have spent the last week completing a huge project on the computer.
I have spent hours (20+) on this endeavour. This project is magnificent!
I would love to show you (you should all know by now that I am a shameless show off)
BUT the whole 110MB file is corrupted and I can not open it...............

I do not know why...I do not know how but it is gone.

I am a compulsive saver, every 5 minutes I hit save. It was all ok when I finally finished and saved it. It was only when I made a back up copy that it locked up.

I did not know what to do...I just sat and stared at computer.
I could not understand how it could do this to me.
I was torn between screaming, sobbing or crying........
I ended up having 2 panadols for a throbbing headache and going out to lunch....

I have to start over...the project has to be completed....but what if it happens again?
My computer is upstairs next to a window........will I open the window first or just go with straight through the glass? I am warning you will go down if you muck up again.


GJ said...

WOW!!!! Slump well and truly over

Dominic said...

Hi Jen, you could try taking the computer to a specialist, they might be able to find the file for you. Worth a try!
Feel for you, it really sucks when you put all that effort in and then lose it. Nightmare stuff. Been there.
Ps Don't open the window...

brad said...

Fragments of the file may be retrievable. I wrote something on my blog that was intended for you, because I couldn't comment directly.

I wrote that making backup copies of important files is a good idea, maybe with the date in the filename. Good luck with the redo :-(