Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adapting to Jakarta's climate.

I am sure I have mentioned quite a few times that Jakarta is hot, stinkin' hot actually!

And it is usually stinkin' hot 365 days a year.

Jakarta is VERY close to the equator.

We have two seasons here, hot and wet and hot and dry.

We are presently in the very, very, VERY wet part.

It is particularly wet at the moment and something strange has happened, it is not stinkin hot, just hot and I am getting cold...........I know, me cold, in the tropics!

I had not noticed it as much until Jakartass (famous Jakarta blogger) mentioned how cold he was.

It was only about 27 degrees Celsius yesterday (80.6F). That is cold when Jakarta is, 99.9% of the time, over 32C during the day (90F).

I have had the A/C off for the last week, well except at night.

I like to keep my bedroom at a Canadian winter temperature.

I have been wearing a jacket to work and to the supermarket to keep the chill out of my bones.

All the kids at school are turning blue and shivering after their swimming lessons.

The smog and haze seem to cut out a lot of the suns warming rays on pools here, I was so surprised to see how much cooler the water is here compared to Queensland.

Next time I complain about being stinkin' hot perpetually please remind me that it is possible to feel cold in Jakarta.


Anonymous said...

We acclimate so fast.

Shannon said...

LOL I have to go to toddler swim lessons in an hour and I am actually praying it will rain so I don't have to get into the pool. It is going to be COLD!

dawn224 said...

Hee. When I lived in the desert I always had my AC set for 85 - which drove my mom insane when she came to visit!