Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bedtime success

Our kids have always been big sleepers, but over the last 18 months ALWAYS want to sleep with each other.
Now Ben too always wants to join in.
The new rule this year was each in their own bed for school nights.
On Friday and Saturday nights the kids can sleep in a huge puppy pile in any bed EXCEPT mine!

The main thing that has made this much easier has been the colourful mosquito nets we got in Bali.

The girls feel so secure and snug inside their princess enclaves.

For some silly reason I didn't buy Ben one......HUGE mistake that will be rectified (he has chosen Orange for his). He is now buried under a pile of soft toys and cuddlies to make him feel snug and secure every night.

These cost 200 000rp each, about AU$28. I am sure they could be bought for alot less if you knew how to bargain lol.


brad said...

My wife made one for our daughter to go with her water-themed bedroom. It has little ... sea life "pillows" hanging up there. That was probably cheaper too, but way more work.

As long as they sleep, especially on school nights.

Anonymous said...

You should invite me to come over and bargain it for you Jen hehehehe Lol (riapalupi@yahoo.com)

Heidi said...

What software do you use to make all of the great collages?

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Hmmm, I wonder how well that would work for helping an almost 8-month old sleep? :)