Monday, February 25, 2008

Polarizing filter for Nikon (Nikkor) 18-200 lens.

GJ had some fun with the new lens on Sunday.
We added a polarizing filter as well as our standard UV filter and this is some of the results.

This is a little tin wall hanging near the pool, I just love the blue.

Ben actually looking at the camera!

A collage of blue.

A warm collage
The whole reason that GJ picked up the camera was that there was blue sky visible. This is VERY, VERY unusual.
We are in the midst of the wet season, and it is really wet too. The rain and wind managed to clear away some of the perpetual smog. Jakarta ( can't find a reliable source for fact linking, but try this) is commonly listed as one of the top ten/twenty polluted cities in the world. We don't see sky during the day and/or stars at night.
This is our home with blue sky above.

The colour and light of this are just perfect to my eye, BUT I am still not happy with the focus.
I might just try to read the instruction manual.

While searching for facts and links I found this on Wikipedia, it is VERY interesting.


johnorford said...

i was also sort of disappointed with the softness towards 200mm...

still practical lens tho!

iordakis said...

Great post, check here everything about polarizing filters