Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jakarta Java Kini club launch, aka a BiiiiiiiiiG weekend in Jakarta

We had another wonderful social weekend in Jakarta.

Friday night was the annual school parents BBQ, which was great fun. After it ended we (some of the teachers and partners) moved on to a local club/pub place called the Star Deli.
The music was too loud and the wine horrible but we still had a great time.
I vaguely remember sending a text message stating that I need white, patent leather knee high boots to really fit in!

It was really hard to wake up early for our massage...yes you heard right, we had a masseuse come to the house for one hour body massages !

We tried something new on Saturday night. We live in an exciting place, we have the opportunity to try new things, so we are exploring new places hence Saturday nights outing.

I subscribe to a great magazine called Jakarta Java Kini.

It is a life style magazine written in English published monthly. You can buy it at the shops or subscribe and have it delivered (I did mention to the owner how difficult it is to subscribe and he is so aware of this and is working on making it easier). They also publish Hello Bali which I want to subscribe to as well.

Jakarta Java Kini is starting up a club for Jakartan residents. ( I will explain more later about why I have no details......LOL).
There was a day of fun at Club Azur

One of the main reasons we went was out of curiosity for seeing the inside of Club Azur. I drive past it at least 3 times a day and had no idea what was inside. I have since found out it is a private club for paying members and their guests.

We also thought we would mingle and meet some new people. We all have such a great time with our circle of friends that we never get around to chatting to others.
Unfortunately Sat night was no exception, J had spent a very interesting week in China, T was excited about her new job and I always have lots to talk about as does GJ.

We arrived at 6.30 for some pre-dinner wine tasting. The wines were very nice, served in large glasses which were constantly refreshed.......
The staff from the magazine had been at the club all day for the variety of tastings, demonstrations and talks. Some had helped the long day pass by tasting some of the wines and were hilariously hammered.

We met Alister the Owner and editor in chief, although I doubt he will remember us.
We listened to a wonderful recital from classical guitarist , John Paul.
We drooled over Melanie Wood's posture, she would put a yoga master to shame!
We marveled over Andrew Whitmarsh's bravery, he just wrote a great story on free train travel...on the roof of the carriages (this means your head is REALLY close to power cables which kill instantly on contact). We also quizzed him on his private life and asked for some kid orientated travel/adventure features.
John Aglionby gave a great talk, he talked about measuring the 14m snake in this link. I would love to hear more of his stories....
A gentleman in a black shirt with a nice wife gave a great tipsy talk on
Feng Shui , it was hysterically funny. I might add that every one was tipsy by this time too.

We literally stumbled out of the club at I have no idea of the time. I deliberately did not wear my watch so I would not notice my usual 8pm bedtime come and go. Truly.....I go to bed early...
I left behind my information pack with all the details on the new club.....so sorry no details.

GJ and I managed to sleep in to 7am (a huge feat in our house) poor old T and J were up at 5.45am for a family mini marathon.....and yes they all finished!

We started the next round of fun at midday on Sunday, yes a great lunch with a group of friends. An old bloggy friend (although un-met in the flesh) couldn't make it; an always starving Ace took this lunch home in a bag.
We met C's
fiancée, an American doing aid work in Ache and washed away tiredness with a glass of bubbles or two. GJ was in heaven as B was a scotch lover and he even opened his best bottle of scotchy goodness for a quick tipple.

I think it would be obvious that we did not make our Sunday night dancing lesson............


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I'm just moving to Jakarta myself and your blog has been a great read! Thanks for all the insights into life as an expat wife in Jakarta!

This is my blog: http://expatwifetalks.blogspot.com

Maybe we can catch up one day in Jakarta!


Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.