Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The most disgusting thing I have ever eaten

I feel sick even just thinking and typing about this..........

We had another wonderful brunch with friends this weekend ( I can't put my favourite place in all of Jakarta's name in the same post of this vomit inducing stuff).

Since I am on my herbal supplement program/detox thing I tried to steer clear of all meat, dairy and wheat products. This was easy to do with the variety of things available.

I saw a pot of bok choy and the dreaded sea cucumber that looked delicious. For some very foolish reason I thought that this was just a type of tofu........

Five minutes later a huge mouthful entered my mouth. It is a credit to my mother for instilling decorous manners that I did not projectile vomit it all over the table and our friends. I managed to keep it down and hide my heaving.

You know that smell of a dirty fish tank?

You know the slimy, rubbery feeling of a jelly fish?

Combine these two things and you get a sea cucumber.

Summary: Sea cucumbers are bottom feeding slugs not tofu.


Ecky said...

Ewww.. that must be awful.. Thanks for sharing so I'll be careful with that :)

brad said...

Ewww. Exactly.