Thursday, February 14, 2008

GJ did it

GJ managed to get all the pictures up, they look wonderful.
I couldn't get the angle right with the camera to show a true perspective, front on they do all look level and uniform.

At our home in Australia we were anal about arranging our collage of photos. The top edge of all frames , irrespective of size. were all exactly level as were the bottom row. Here we decided to be a little more relaxed.
We just picked a frame from the pile and hung it.
This was quiet a big job as all the walls in our Jakarta home are solid brick. GJ has to screw through the masonry and then insert a plug and a screw.

This room is the kids play room and is at the end of the lounge room downstairs.
I can sit on my lounge view my beautiful Indonesian batiks and through the door way see my wonderful photos.

There is honestly no more wall space to decorate downstairs.

It is like living in my own personal art gallery.

There is a much nicer view that shows it all, I just have to take the photo.
I will and I will post it!


brad said...

That's a lot of work in brick, but now they're up for you all to see :-)

Until you add more...

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

It looks amazing! You both did a great job!

treespotter said...

wow... that looks like a lot of work.

you need more walls?