Tuesday, October 31, 2006

100 things about me

1. I am the eldest of 3 children
2. GJ is the eldest of 3 children
3. We have no sympathy for middle and last kiddies lol
4. My Birthday is the 5th of March, if you follow astrology I am supposed to be a typical Pisces
5. I have labeled my Linen press
6. I colour code my pegs on the clothes line
7. I colour block my wardrobe, and GJ’s
8. I have 70 pairs of shoes
9. I had a beautiful, glamorous, fairytale wedding in 1992
10. It was the first happy occasion my family had had in a while. (we were in the midst of the sad years)
11. All my children were born in October, on the day I chose at the beginning of the pregnancy. I attribute this to the power of positive thinking and good luck.
12. I sometimes would like another child, but I do not want to get up in the night to feed it, so it is a dream only.
13. I love linen, especially white 1000 thread count sheets. Luckily for our finances, I realize that you only need 2 pairs per bed
14. I am 5’7”, 171 cm tall.
15. I have blue eyes and no idea what my hair color is any more. I started to go grey when I was 23 at the start of the sad years.
16. I am a workplace trainer by profession. I am extremely good at it.
17. I won’t be able to call myself 30-something for much longer……
18. Ben was 9lb9oz born after a 3 hour drug free labor, Chelsea was 7lb7oz after a 2 hour drug free labor, and Georgia was a 12 hour + epidural with 2 horrific types of forceps and a nice 7lb 11oz.
19. I have a DVD of my labor of Ben, which Lisa (the girl’s nanny) took for me. I do not show it to people.
20. I have an irrational fear of birds. I cringe when I hear them flying above.
21. I was born in Sydney where I met GJ in 1989
22. I had a nasty car accident in 1987 when a huge Prime Mover truck lost control and crossed over and slammed into my cute white corolla. The compensation money allowed me to do #23
23. I toured Europe and the West coast of America in 1988 with my friend T.
24. On the way home from our overseas adventure we stopped of in Hawaii for 10 days. We did not leave the suburb of Waikiki the entire time.
25. The sad years commenced with the death of my Uncle, then Grandmother, Aunt, Aunt, Brother, Grandfather, Father. All that is left of my entire family is my Mum and Sister; no Aunts, Uncles, Cousins or Grandparents. A family member died on average every 10 months.
26. I had quite a bit of therapy to deal with the above. It worked, I don’t wake GJ anymore every few hours to check that he is breathing and I can cope with Tan Tan and Janny being in car or airplane together( I had a fear that if they were together and something bad happened they would both be gone and I would be alone)
27. My brother, Nicholas James Livingstone M********** was killed in a car accident when he was 18, in 1991.
28. I am so happy that GJ met most of my family and can share the happy memories with me.
29. I have hypothyroidism and take a pill every day for life to keep it under control
30. I can not roll my tongue. GJ and all the kids can.
31. It was a favorite party trick of GJ to get me to try to roll my tongue after a few drinks; I will leave it to you imagination to the sorts of faces I pulled.
32. I love Lavender oil; I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect blend. I inhale a drop on a hankie every night. GJ hates the smell
33. My middle name is Irene. I hated it with a passion when I was young, but I still gave it to Georgia as a middle name.
34. Yellow is my favorite color
35. I often “know” things. If I get a feeling I am usually right.
36. I went to a small private all girls school.
37. I was christened in an Uniting Church. I went to a Presbyterian Church and Sunday school, a Church of England school and married a Catholic. I have taken all the best bits and combined them into what is right for me.
38. I always have chocolate in the house and am disciplined enough to only have 2 squares at a time.
39. I love the Meatloaf album “Bat out of Hell” and was devastated when GJ told me 2 years ago that the title track is NOT about a motor bike accident, but is a metaphor for love.
40. I accept all people on face value. I do not care about race, religion or sexual orientation, a person is a person regardless.
41. I am not at all tolerant on criminal behavior.
42. I do not take or approve of drugs.
43. I have never watched an entire episode of the Simpsons.
44. I wear perfume everyday, I love Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey perfume the most, followed by Romance by Ralph Lauren
45. I use mostly Revlon makeup.
46. When I worked I used Estee Lauder and Ella Bache skin care, now I use Oil of Olay.
47. From my late teens till I was pregnant with Georgia, I was addicted to diet coke. I would consume nearly 2 liters a day. It would make me sick to have to drink the stuff now.
48. I only drink water, soda water, coffee, champagne and heavily diluted apple blackcurrant juice. I drink 4-5 litres of liquid a day.
49. I have a passion for books.
50. I also have a passion for shoes.
51. I lived at home until I became engaged to GJ
52. I always have painted toenail, but almost never paint my finger nails. If they are painted they look so perfect, just like fake ones.
53. My hair and nails grow abnormally fast. I am never worried if I break a nail, as I know that within a fortnight it will have grown.
54. Unfortunately my backside and thighs grow as quickly.
55. I have an exceptional sense of smell.
56. I will not economize on meat, vegetables, toilet paper, washing powder or soap.
57. I am quite happy to wear second hand clothes and shoes.
58. I am not an outdoorsy type of person. I like camping, but need electricity and flushing toilets.
59. I dislike smoking and have no friends that smoke.
60. I have a public toilet phobia
61. I am very germaphobic.
62. I worked at Kodak for 19 years. I started the day after my last higher school exam. It was a Christmas break job until I started university.
63. I love looking at photos, mine as well as other peoples.
64. If we had another child it would have been called Kate Theresa or James Martin.
65. I woke up one morning in the early part of my pregnancy with Georgia and could not bear the taste or smell of coffee and started to drink tea . Last year I woke up one morning and wanted coffee. GJ makes me 2 cups every morning before he gets into the shower; I sit up in bed and sip the 2 cups before starting my day. I have one more cup after breakfast and then switch to water.
66. I fully understand that to loose weight you must consume less energy than you use, yet I still have a few kgs to lose.
67. I have eclectic tastes on TV. I love all the American blockbusters, yet watch no soaps. I loved Buffy the Vampire slayer.
68. I only watch feel good movies that have proper endings.
69. My favorite subject at school was science and maths. I was only average at English
70. I wanted to be a teacher or a doctor. I had the intelligence to pursue medicine; I just lacked the drive and commitment to study for it. I do not regret that I didn’t get a degree.
71. I love vegemite on cold toast. I dislike melted butter.
72. I am GJ’s equal, in my mind and his.
73. I have never has a speeding fine or been in trouble with the police. I am very law abiding.
74. I will always cross the road at lights or a pedestrian crossing.
75. I suffer from the usual female illogical fears.
76. I love to swim, yet hate to get my ears wet. I will rarely put my head under water. Most people think that it is because I don’t want to wet my hair.
77. I am now a morning person
78. My dream car is a Volvo ( and I convinced GJ to get one as his work car this year)
79. I wear PJ’s to bed
80. I love Thai and Indian and most International food
81. I do not eat any offal.
82. I don’t like or cook pork
83. I don’t use a lawn mower anymore.
84. I always like to be in control (of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!)
85. I attract people (acquaintances and complete strangers) that want to tell me their life stories.
86. I am fantastic at directing GJ as he completes tasks
87. I love not working now
88. Most people didn’t think I would be able to give up work. I went from full time career with extensive traveling to being a SAHM.
89. I love junk mail
90. I think that a $20 bottle of champagne tastes as good as a $100 one. I am happy to drink my “cheap swill- under $10”, and save the good stuff for visitors.
91. I dislike all critters, except for Humans, Dogs and Horses. I have an invisible sign on my forehead the attracts critters to our home (eg SNAKES, spiders, bugs, silverfish, lizards, geckos, possums, sheep, koalas, mice, rats)
92. I need at least 8 hours of sleep every night to feel human.
93. I only average about 7 hours of sleep a night.
94. One of my favourite movies is “The Witches of Eastwick”.
95. I blog as a memento of our family life, and as record for future generations.
96. I will never watch horror or gory movies.
97. I plan our family meals in advance. I try to alternate salad and vegetable, meat and chicken. We also have a vegetarian and a leftover night.
98. I am not overly interested in purses or handbags.
99. I am very good at packing for traveling
100. I always measure ingredients exactly when cooking.
101. The only state in Australia I have not been to is Western Australia.
102. I have been to Mt Isa twice, I did not manage to find the good parts
103. I want to have an adventure with the kids while they are young.
104. I have never, ever hand developed a roll of black and white film.
105. I can explain simply and in detail the chemical actions that occur through the different stages of developing colour film.
106. I ran a portrait studio for a few years for Kodak, photographing kids is very hard work.
107. It is good that auto focus lens were invented as I have lost the ability to focus my all old Nikon lens’ precisely
108. I think much, much quicker than I type.
109. I read extremely quickly, I mean super quickly ( very expensive habit)
110. I often read too quickly to catch mistakes in my typing.
111. I mostly blog with Ben on my lap
112. I am a dreadful speller. I always have a dictionary on my desk.


Anonymous said...

a lot of things I didn't know and many things I remember well about you. Thanks for sharing.


lrlwreath said...

I enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better, I laughed out loud at the "I am very law abiding" comment =))

But I am too, seeing my brother is a cop.

I am sorry for the tremendous loss in your family.

I think you would be a delight full person to sit down with and have coffee with and then you can eleborate on words like "vegemite" WHAT THE HECK IS THAT =))))

Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sad years ... I can only imagine how devastating the loss was for you.

I love that you wear perfume every day.

If you did decide that you wanted to have another baby (in October!), and get up in the middle of the night to feed it - you ought to take my ministers advice and ditch your PJ's!

I too love Indian & Thai food. Definitely among my favorites!!!

Q said...

"I attract people (acquaintances and complete strangers) that want to tell me their life stories"..

nice to know there's someone else like this besides me.. haha..

mitchy said...

Setelah saya baca blog anda, Anda adalah orang asing yang sangat tahu tentang Indonesia yang pernah saya tahu, hebat!! -Mitchy from Bandung-