Friday, October 06, 2006

Singapore to Jakarta

I just don’t know where to start…..


Let’s start at the beginning

Our last night in Singapore was fantastic, we went to China town. There is a huge festival on at the moment and the street displays were amazing. This was definitely the place for souvenir bargains.
We walked up and down little streets filled with market stalls. We ate like locals in a closed off street filled with stalls selling all kinds of hot food. It was delicious.
We toured the Sri Marianamman temple, a Hindu temple. It was magnificent, the ornate patterns, figures and carving were so beautiful. This temple was so full of life and vibrancy where as old cathedrals have that quiet awe inspiring grandeur. It is fascinating to see how other cultures worship.
The main street was filled with a lights and figurines display, it must of extended for at least a kilometer.

We had an early start on Thursday morning; we were picked up at 7.30 am to go to the airport.
Changi airport at Singapore is delightful. It is SOOOOO organised. There was a lovely orchid display in the centre of the terminal, with a fish pond filled with huge carp.
As usual, Singapore airlines were wonderful. The flight attendants’ made such a fuss of Georgia when they found out it was her Birthday. Georgie got a bag filled with all the different toys that they give out to children and a tray of special desserts for the family as well as a card from the Captain and all the attendants’.

We arrived at Jakarta and got in the first of many queues. We got in line to pay for a visa, and then got in line to receive the visa. We then got in line for immigrations, then got in line for baggage, then got in line for customs. It seemed a very serious place.
I can’t wait to tell all….as you can tell we have finally managed to get internet access.

Blogger has only let me add a few photos, I will keep trying, check back later….


lrlwreath said...

Wow I can think of anything to say...those pictures are WOW!!
Glad you arrived safely

brad said...

Quite an adventure for Georgia. Her own special Bday on the plane.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You have definitely won the Tourist of the month award from Singapore tourism board as all the places you mentioned were the ONLY things Singapore happened to have in terms of Tourist attraction. The other side of Singapore which is well-concealed by the govt is as grim as Jakarta. Obviously you will never find it printed in The Strait Times. SAD!!!