Thursday, October 12, 2006

Georgie gets a birthday cake at last

GJ managed to find a cake for Georgia in Singapore with eight candles. It was her favourite- Chocolate mud cake. It was a surprise, we snuck it in and hid it at the back of the fridge. Georgie thought that GJ was doing the dishes and then the lit cake appeared!
Georgia can't wait until she gets her presents on Sunday, on Benjamins birthday.

We are being picked up at 7.30 am tomorrow morning for the trip home.
Saturday morning will also be an early start as we have to be at the Doctors early for our next round of needles.
Then it is off to the airport again to collect Janny, my mum, for her party month visit from Sydney.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photos! The children are beautiful (as always) and the cake looks delicious!!

lrlwreath said...

Oh what yummmy cake!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

The kids are adorable. The cake looks awesome. Happy birthday and safe travels!

Kaci said...

GAH! How cute are your kids? Glad Georgie finally got a cake!