Sunday, October 01, 2006

Saturday 30th Sept; Singapore

Singapore 30.09.2006

The girls and I had our first taste of extreme crowds!!!!!
The girls didn’t need an afternoon rest so they decided to accompany me on my afternoon trek to get dinner and groceries. This was on a Saturday afternoon in sociable Singapore……Georgie totally freaked out; too much of everything. Unfortunately she got cranky and stroppy. We have both decided that she will stay at home next time. Chelsea and I had a ball. I have found a place that makes fresh pizza’s that you can take home and cook yourself. The kids have requested this 3 nights in a row. The queue at the taxi rank was huge; it took about 30 minutes in a line to get a taxi. There is no pushing or shoving though, everyone waits patiently.
I am so impressed with the friendliness and politeness of all the people I have encountered in Singapore.

I felt like a bit of a bumpkin in some things though;

I was waiting for the paper to sign my amex receipt and the lady kept tapping the control pad….a paperless system here.
I jumped a mile when a public toilet flushed itself……it got me thinking, do the sensors every get it wrong and spray an unsuspecting bare behind?
I managed not to look surprised when the tap came on when my hands approached.
The toilets are very good so far, I have not needed to get panic attacks as yet (see here about my public toilet phobias). I am concerned at the lack of soap in the bathrooms though……..

On a much fresher note… Singapore tap water tastes great, no chlorine or metallic after taste at all. I am sure I read somewhere that Singapore does recycle a portion of their drinking water.


Jen said...

We have auto toilets and paperless credit readers here, too. The toilets are what really get us, though. The kids hate them! One time my daughter, Sage, came flying out under the stall door when it flushed, butt naked and all. I made her crawl back under and unlock the door!

Now it's just Tiernan who's afraid of them. I have to put my hand over the sensor until he's done or he refuses to go. Some things were a lot easier when we were kids!

Nice to meet another "Jen" blogger!

lrlwreath said...

I had to laugh about the automatic flushing toliets, they are common here in the States. I am with Georgie I don't think I would like huge crowds also, they kind of freak me out.