Wednesday, October 25, 2006

100 things

I have just realised that I have past 100 posts, which means that I am due to do a 100 things about me post. I have started, I am up to 2........It might take a while though! LOL

Today is Chelsea's Birthday, she has turned 6 years old.
For her special dinner she has requested KFC and an ice cream cake. I will post photos later, or when Blogger lets me ( I still can't get the swarming bugs up)

Today was my kid free day, Ben goes to kindy 1 day a week. My local mall has just opened a huge new extension, when finished it will be the biggest in Queensland. I enjoy wandering around window shopping, it sounds kind of strange but I really like the feeling of solitude I get from being lost in a crowd.

I have decided to stop putting everything on hold in case we move to Jakarta sooner rather than later. I hate the not knowing when it will all happen. I can't start packing or giving everything away, it is like living in limbo.

I am on the Christmas organising schedule now. I love to have everything scheduled and booked, wrapped or what ever by the start of December.
I was getting anxious that I didn't even know where we would be for Christmas. GJ's work will now have to work around me, I am sick of waiting on them! I feel so much better now, there is nothing like a bit of venting about huge international corporations, especially after 2 champagnes( last night, not now).
Today I bought the Christmas cards and I will start on them next week. Once I know what days the family will arrive, I will plan the menu.
( I will have to get last years schedule and menu of the other computer, you will get a good laugh to see all the tiny details the girls and I planned Edit. I have found it and added below)
Mum and I were so surprised to see all the Christmas decorations for sale and that shops have started to put up their decorations, last week. Today I heard Christmas carols playing in one shop!
I usually wait until after Christmas for the sales to by new decorations, but this year I have put on hold a lovely small (this word inserted for GJ's benefit, translate to girl speak for a rough guided to how much I have bought!!!!LOL) selection of decorations. The kids get so much joy from lights, baubles, trees and little knick nacks.
I have to go now it has just hit 5pm- this is witching hour around here-
The chooks need to be put away and baths need to be run while I run around shouting "hurry up, I have asked you 2 times already, stop fighting, put your bags away ETC, ETC, ETC,"

This is a copy of our Christmas day schedule that Georgie did for a school project, the day went almost exactly as planned!

Georgia XXXXXXXX’s Christmas schedule

  • 4.15 Wake up and check that Santa has been
  • 5.30 Wake up Tan Tan and Janny and get dressed
  • 5.45 Coffee for grown ups, cinnamon toast and juice for kids and OPEN PRESENTS!!!
  • 7.00 Play with presents
  • 9.30 Swim time
  • 10.30 Fry up BBQ on deck (Bacon, eggs tomatoes and mushrooms)
  • 11.00 Play with presents and rest for grown ups
  • 2.30 Uncle Robbie arrives
  • 3.00 Swim time
  • 3.30 Drinks and cocktails on deck
  • 4.00 Christmas feast begins. Prawns, oysters and other revolting stuff for adults, chips, ham and custard for kids
  • 7.00 Bed time for Ben, secret night swim for Georgia, Tan Tan and Chelsea
  • 7.30 Bed time for all girls

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Munchkin Land said...

Congrats on the 100th post! That is a HUGE milestone and I know that I sure enjoy reading them...