Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leaving Jakarta

I woke up on our last full day in Jakarta with what Australians refer to as "Bali Belly". I must of eaten something that hasn't agreed with me, and my system decided to reject all!
But the show must go on.....
We had our meeting at the New Zealand International school. It was very nice and class sizes were very small. The girls liked the Australian school better. They were a few lovely girls who introduced themselves to Georgia and hoped that she will come next year, as there are more boys than girls at the moment. The fees are much more affordable at this school. We do not know how much the company will contribute towards schooling. If we were to pay for the girls and Ben (part time kindy) it would be about AU$35 000 per year. at the Aust.School; that is alot of money!
We went to a local shopping mall, ITC. We stood out like the proverbial. As my tummy was still a little delicate the smells were too much and we had to leave. It was lunch time and Durian fruit and cooking food was overpowering.
We went to Pondak Indah, the glossy western style mall, as we needed to buy another suitcase.
The girls have had major growth spurts ( and their clothes have shrunk in the hot clothes dryers here) and needed some more things. No clothes, but they did get some more shoes. Walking around in Jakarta and Singapore has been much harsher on the shoes than in Brisbane!
There were no reasonably priced suitcases available so we headed back to the hotel, where I crashed on the bed.....
GJ had to do all the packing, He did a good job, but here we are in Singapore with all the bags on the floor having to rummage around to find things....The girls have asked me to pack next time!
We have managed to get a big bag and 2 carry on bags with wheels in Singapore today. I thought we did alright to come away with only 3 bags for a family of five for 3 weeks.

Any one for a coloured toilet? matching basins also available.

Look at all those motor bikes!

The local hardware store.

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lrlwreath said...

I am so sorry you were not feeling well. I hope you are doing better.