Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why can't the critters leave me alone?

Why do I seem to attract critters? I have mentioned my dislike of any thing other than Humans, Dogs and Horses many, many times.
Yesterday I had the pest controller come on his annual visit to spray the house. For my $369. I am supposed to be cockroach, spider, ant and silver fish free for a year. At least he comes back if the pest do. I am lucky that cockroaches are not a big problem. Unfortunately Darren can not spray for mice, rats or snakes.
Today we had something new, a swarm of bugs landed on my washing and had a love fest on my white sheets! When I tried to get rid of them they tried to play in my hair and clothes, I let them continue on with the sheets.....

I will post photos when blogger lets me

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lrlwreath said...

yuck!!! I'm sorry they seem to like you =)