Tuesday, August 14, 2007

134 days until Christmas

My mind has turned to Christmas.....I even know that it is only 134 days until Christmas.

Sorry if this freaks any of you out, but I need to start my planning.

Janny and Tan Tan have booked their airfare, so they will be here for Christmas.

I am up to getting the kids portraits taken for the Christmas card photos, or at least thinking about getting the photos taken.

I think I have worked out what sparked this Christmas planning. I saw a mention of the annual July "Great Target Toy Sale". This has been an annual event on my schedule for the last five years.

All the kids birthdays as well as GJ's are in October......I like to be organised!

At the Mega toy sale I would buy every ones birthday and Christmas presents in one swoop (this way I could make sure that every body got exactly the same amount of things each).

The stash would be laid out and quickly photographed (very important in case you forget exactly whats in the box!) and then divided into Oct and Dec boxes for each child. There was another box of presents for all the birthday parties for the rest of the year. I would stock up on half price Bratz dolls cause they are a HUGE hit at parties-apparently you can never have too many Bratzs.

So here we are half way through August, no Target toy sale, not even a catalogue to get ideas from and not a single present planned let alone bought.........

I have just given my self a head ache.......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I am envious of all your indonesian blogging your life so just thought I would make you a little bit envious by telling you I have done the Target and K-Mart xmas bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love De'.