Friday, August 10, 2007

Jakarta Traffic Police

We have had another run in with traffic police...potentially alot more expensive this time.

We got pulled over last Saturday afternoon at the big fountain roundabout in the city. I think Yadi did make a wrong turn but only because a taxi was completely blocking the road.

The police man was very excited to see GJ and I in the back of the car!

He kept trying to talk to us and Yadi kept saying "No Speak Bahasa Indonesian" and wouldn't let us talk.
Turns out that the police man was telling Yadi if we didn't pay him he would give Yadi a ticket.

Turns out the ticket will be MUCH cheaper than the huge payment sought!

There was an article in the newspaper just this week stating that the starting wage for traffic police is around 795 000RP per month (about AU$118.00). This is what we pay our junior maid!

Why would you want to be a police office......."Bonus" income maybe?

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