Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gado Gado

To my absolute delight GJ has decided that he would like our housekeeper to cook more Indonesia dishes for dinner. Previously Sarinah was asked cook once a week, but that only averaged out to once every three weeks.
GJ has put a huge white board in the kitchen and lists down what he would like to try. All his colleagues at the office are sending home suggestions as well.

I don't care what is cooked, as long as I don't have to cook it!

These photos are of Gado Gado. On the first plate there is potato cubes, hard boiled egg, tofu (Tahu in Indonesian) and tempeh.
The next plate has blanched bean sprouts, green beans and green stuff ( I will ask LOL)
You add this to your plate and then cover with home made peanut sauce, hot or cold. I don't add much sauce, as although Sarinah added only a touch of chilli and no seeds (to make it nice for Mrs) it still nearly burns my mouth out.

I have had this three nights in a row...yes GJ is away in Thailand having a wow of a time and we are living on left overs......yummy though. Of course the kids think that it is DISGUSTING so they are living on their staples; home made cream of chicken/vegetable soup, spaghetti and Izzi pizza.

GJ loves chilli......loves it with a passion and the more the better. He pulls the chilli garnishes of dishes and eats them and adds chill sambal to everything. By Australian standards I like things medium hot, but by Indonesian standards I like things very mild.
Sarinah is going to make GJ his favourite sauce for fruit this week, yes here they have a chilli paste to go over fresh fruit that GJ assures me is divine.

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