Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More from the frammers

My Java Road Tour picture has arrived at last!!! Hopefully I can convince GJ to hang it this weekend! I am so pleased with how it looks, it will be such a wonderful reminder of our great holiday.

Here is a wonderful silk Batik we bought in Jogjakarta. This was made by an elderly Indonesian lady who is famous for her Batik and teaching. The flash on the silk emphasis the colours, in real life the colours are allot more discrete,

This is my display of Sumatran wedding pillow embroideries. I can't find much detailed information on them (hint hint...any info would be gratefully received).

I bought these two Batik throws in Jogjakarta for the girls beds...unfortunately they have not inherited their mothers taste and they think that they are DISGUSTING....I might have these two joined and use it for my bed. The colours are wonderful.

These lovely acrylics were only 10 000RP in Jogjakarta (AU$1.40). The owner of the frame shop was so impresses she got the shops details off me to order some for her gallery. I am sure she could resell them for a lot more....

Look at this cute little guy...They are actually little people climbing up his back. The body separates for storing medicine inside.


Adele said...

Can you see faces in the silk batik the old lady made? You really do have the same tastes in home furnishings that i do, love everything.

brad said...

Oh, and I like the dragon too. It's cute with it's claw up like that.

Munchkin Land said...

Ok, that is some incredible artwork. Wow! You guys are getting some incredible experiences, huh?!

Lisa said...

Incredible experiences indeed! And oh my god - I KNOW those Sumatran wedding pillow embroideries!!! Or at least some of them! The one at the top left corner is definitely from NORTH Sumatera Island, from an area near Lake Toba called Desa Bhegoh. It's considered particularly refined. You are very lucky to have found it, JenJen! I love the framing, by the way. Glory Frame Kemang?