Friday, August 03, 2007

Antique Java rice hopper / Antique Teak Jodang (Dowry Chest)

We have bought a new coffee table; our first ever good one.
We have made do with a cheap and nasty one for years while we waited for the perfect one.
This one is magnificent and has a dual purpose.
This is an antique Java rice hopper, a storage bin for rice OR a Jodang, a dowry chest. It is made out of teak and has heaps of interesting bangs and dents. It is big enough for many, many pizza boxes and drinks. It is also great for sitting on to watch TV, or so the kids think!
The dual purpose is also magnificent, it is our new naughty can fit all three kids inside.
It was a hit at the party where all the kids had to have a turn locked in!
I think that if GJ is naughty or needs time out I could fit him in as well!

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