Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Afternoon Garden Tour in Jakarta

The kids and I decided to take a tour of our back yard this afternoon....

I love the contrast here, a 12ft wall topped with barbed wire next to the most magnificent green leaf.

This is our pumpkin corner. Imported pumpkins are very expensive in Jakarta and the local ones are not what we are used to. We found some butternut variety seeds and Samino has built this trestle to grow them on. This yellow flower will hopefully become a delicious pumpkin. We don't know what the bottom fruit is but Samino told us you can eat it, we just have to find out the English name.
I didn't see the car mat drying on the tree when I took the photo, probably as I am so use to seeing it there!

I have not retouched these photos in any way, this really is the real vibrancy of Indonesia!
This group is for Aunty Tan Tan, her favorite flower is the Frangipani.

Samino left his ladder out, of course they had to climb it and run through it.

It was Very hot work exploring and climbing ladders and the kids were looking lovingly at the pool so I just pushed them in, they were SO excited to go in in their school uniforms!
Here is our angelic Georgie
Beautiful Benny

Cute-i-pie Chelsea

Here our our flags; we are getting ready for Independence day.
Friday the 17th of August is Independence day in Indonesia.
This year is the 62nd year of Independence and we are really looking forward to joining in the party. The streets are a riot of colour with every one hanging their Red and White Flags and banners.


brad said...

Great pictures. I like plumerias especially. Good luck with your pumpkins.

Ronnie said...

Fancy pushing them in the pool,You wouldnt see me doing anything like that would you Jenny!!!!!Lol

Dita said...

Hey, jenny i just happened to find ur blog and i enjoy reading it.

The pinkish fruit on ur picture is called "jambu air" and they are REALLY tasty... The texture is a bit like apple with lots of juice when you bite it. And when it really ripes, it is delicious!!