Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Google Picasa 2

I have been meaning to share this for ages....

I love this program and the best...its free!

I have photoshop and still don't now how to use it properly (19 years at Kodak didn't teach me this LOL). I wanted something simple and quick and this fits the bill perfectly.

Piassa 2 has the added bonus of being able to create photo collages, just like the ones I have been using on my blog for the last few months.

I am extremely aware that I am not a writer and that I massacre the English lanuage; so I tend use lots of photos to disguise this.

This is my latest creation.

This is the wrap up photo of "The Great Java Road Tour of 2007"

It is presently at the framers and will be displayed on the blog in all its glory when ready.

Note to self: next time the biggest is not always the best (1.3 m square) as it costs a FORTUNE (even here in Jakarta) to frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hence why I am now on first name basis with all the staff at Jakarta Frames (JL Benda- Highly recommended- very professional and top quality) and I qualify for a special customer discount..........

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Me said...

Hey darling, are you guys ok? Just heard of the earthquake on CNN....says Indonesia including Jakarta.