Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alcohol supplies in Jakarta

There was lots reports in the news papers a couple of months ago about hotels and bars in Bali worried about the dwindling supplies of alcohol.

Now Jakarta is drying up too.

I don't know the full story but I can guess....

Fresh supplies of alcohol apparently will not arrive in Indonesia until November, and most of the wine will be off as it is boiling in a container in the tropics somewhere.
As it is also Ramadan (fasting month) it is getting hard to get supplies. What the shops do have is EXTRA exorbitant in price and there is a bottle limit in place.
A very average wine used to cost about $15US now it is about $20-25US. Spirits are cheaper, it is just down to what is available
I know it is wrong to be fixated on alcohol supplies, but it does make living in Jakarta a bit easier when you know you can have a nice cool drink at the end of the day and download...LOL

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