Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Boy Lost in Carrefours

Poor little Ben is still sick; I have been home all week with him.
He has high fevers and a wet chesty cough.
Yesterday I needed to go to the supermarket and had to take Ben. He refused to stay at home with Sarinah.

Sick little boys will never, ever be separated from their moms....
This is an universal truth.

So off to Carrefours we went, a hobbling Mom and a coughing boy....
Of course Carrefours was crowded, it is Ramadan month (think of what shops are like in December at home!!!) He was having a good time, he even decided to speak to all the sales assistants, he walked around saying my name is Benjamin######### to any one that asked. When he disappeared (he normally stays VERY close) I wandered to the top of the isle to the gaggle of ladies doing promo work. They hadn't seen him.
After checking the closest isles I started to get worried, especially when he wasn't in the toy isle. I was up to the fast hobble with trolley dumped stage.

Carrefours is a big hypermarket, really big and really crowded!!!!!!!!

By the time I got to the front 5-6 minutes had past, I had forgotten most of my VERY small amount of Bahasa Indonesian.
I couldn't remember the word for boy, all I knew was child and white........

I was nearing the info counter when a lady saw me and brought him over, she had found him crying at the back. He gave me the biggest, squeezee cuddle.

This was a scary moment made even more scary with the language limitations.
I need to learn Bahasa Indonesian at a much faster pace..........


Laurel Wreath said...

PRAISE GOD it all turned out ok. I would have panicked also. I hope he feels better.

Chris said...

Ow i feel for Ben XD
Thank God mum came just in time.

Hanna Allan said...

You must have really worry about your son, but good thing he's ok. It is quite interesting to know how australian view 'living in jakarta'. Definitely difficult to live in a country where you don't speak the language, however don't worry you should be fine, indonesian relatively easy to learn. I presume you are taking course?