Saturday, September 08, 2007

MRI at Pondok Indah hosptial

I had my first day of freedom yesterday. I made it downstairs for the first time in five days.
I had an appointment at the SOS clinic and was then referred to Pondok Indah hospital for a MRI.
Besides being poked and prodded far to vigorously it was an alright day.

The MRI was very relaxing.....I have never had one before. You are strapped to a very comfortable gurney and fed into a HUGE machine for 25 minutes. As the machine is very noisy I had huge ear muffs on as well as a soft blanket...I fell asleep almost instantly.....I hope I didn't snore! LOL.
I only was inserted in about half way, I don't know if I would of been so relaxed if my head was inside as well. I will get the results later today......or GJ will, I am off for a Cremebathe, pedicure (one foot only..) and manicure for the ball tonight......
Gj hired me a wheel chair for the night......all my friends have nominated my chair as the handbag haven.....

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julia said...

Nothing will stop you! have fun, entertaining blog all along.