Friday, September 14, 2007

gjjakarta has arrived

GJ doesn't have a life......poor thing.

He has been getting into mischief reading things on my Google reader. This is very bad, because as you read something it is removed, so I miss out!!!!!!!!!

I have fixed it all up for him
He is now......officially known as

I have set up a gmail account for him so he can have online chats AND he now has his own Google reader which I have filled with sports updates, news etc. I need to find rss feed for Queensland dam levels as he likes to check these every morning.
He might even be ready for his own blog in a little while.....


Anonymous said...

I would love to met him, i could give him a life. Sassy

IndCoup said...

watch out who he chats to... ;)

treespotter said...

Get GJ to contact me, i'll show him the wonderful world of the Internet.

as i am sure indcoup will be happy too, just as well.

but i'm better.

PS: sassy, i need a life, too.

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Thank you so much for your kind offer Sassy, GJ was most excited to hear of it.
His shoulders went back, his chest puffed up and he started to strut around the lounge room very full of himself.
hen the kids and I started to laugh at him, he was quickly deflated.....
He is now back to normal.....but I am sure he won't forget this boost to his ego for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

If I met him and he did look good with the nice clothes, I am sure that he would not be deflated anymore. I would be like a beautiful queen next to him. If you ever give him no more life, I will be happy have him right now.