Thursday, September 20, 2007

Credit card fraud in Ratu Plaza

It has happened again.....if my card is used to purchase jewelery worth $5500. I want to be the one wearing it!

We are hyper vigilant about using our cards in Jakarta.

I only use them at Sogo, Metro, Hero, Kemchicks, Ace and Duty Free.
I think that will now stop as well.

This time we are pretty sure where the cards were swiped. GJ went out on the weekend and picked up a web cam microphone set and didn't have 700 000RP, so carded it........

Computer shop+Indonesia+ Credit card
= $5 500 worth of jewelry

So my best advise careful at Ratu Plaza

Once again our credit card bank has been excellent.
The bank stopped the card and was on to us within an hour of the transaction being made.
Now we have to have new cards issued and work out a collection point that the bank is happy with (hard in Jakarta).
We need to fill out all the paper work etc etc.
And then we will be reimbursed.
Luckily I use another bank for our cash.....and NEVER use its card in Indonesia.


rika said...

oh my God... you poor thing.
I am so sorry to hear about this!
That's why you can't purchase amazon from Indonesia.. stupid carder!

Hedi said...

My advice... don't ever use your card on the net in Indonesia. That's embarassing me :(

brad said...

Scary. At least the bank is used to it and cleared you of the purchases. We use our card for most things.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your card sorted out! Definitely have to be extra careful with your cards here. Luckily your bank is so vigilant!

Jenn Lynn said...

Oh Jen! I am SO sorry for the problems with your card but so thankful for a diligent company. Hope everything clears up soon...

Anonymous said...

carder not stupid... they'll get caught if they really stupid,so people have to be carefull...always,my advise: don't use credit card while u're in indonesia,use debet card or cash,if u can't purchase it so postpone ur purchasing :) buy it cash