Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fireworks in Jakarta

We had a great Aussie BBQ last night. Some friends are still living in the hotel waiting for their shipment to arrive. They are now up to the 10th week of existing on hotel food...I remember all to well how quickly the novelty of restaurant food wears off.
They were very please to have steak and sausages on the BBQ.
(nice sausages available at Hero Kemang, brand is Santorini)

It is Ramadan at the moment, the Muslim holy month. After the fasting during the day it is time for family and friends. The after dark atmosphere reminds me of December and the lead up to Christmas in Australia where every one makes a special effort to get together with friends and family.
GJ came home the other day with some super long sparklers for the kids..they didn't last very long so we quickly got some more. The kids were entranced....Fireworks have been illegal in Australia since I was a small child (unless you had a professional permit). In Indonesia you can buy all manner of fireworks in the local supermarket.

We had Sarinah's grandkids as well as the neighbors kids plus all of ours running around screaming in joy all night. They are all absolutely exhausted today, but very happy.

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