Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Critters in Indonesia

The critters have found me....

Rats have moved in, BIG RATS.

Poor Sarinah had a rat brush against her while she slept last week and the rats have got into all her food.

The rats are living in the roof by day, making a huge racket scratching around and then sneaking downstairs when it is all quiet.

We have learnt over the years that you never have one rat, you always have a family of rats.

Samino has found some amazing heavy duty traps....hope they work soon.

I am not going to even mention what is below in case in it jinx's me!!!!

This is 3 of the 5 snakes we had in or next to our house in Queensland last year......


S said...

I feel for you! They are huge and are not scared of anyone/anything! Definitely not the small ones we get in Oz.

brad said...

I remember the snake in the garage story.

Rat traps work pretty well. Mice and rats like peanut butter, so that works as bait. Big, giant Indonesian rats may be different.

Chris said...

Ahh yes, rats are really annoying. Especially when they go off eating all your food. From actual experience, i do know that rats are extremely smart and learn from their mistakes. If you tried to trap the same rat for a second or third time, it wouldnt work. oO

Adele said...

Ben has made a very successful rat catching cage. Contact me on yahoo if you think you might need photos and instructions to make one. We have found that rats love dry pizza. Good luck