Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I feel like a spy in Jakarta, pest control in Jakarta

I feel like a spy...or a really nosy neighbor....I have been snapping photos through the upstairs windows of my temporary prison
In Jakarta it is standard to have your home sprayed for pests every month........
My neighbor has had Dengue fever and now has her house sprayed once a fortnight.
Over a thousand people have died so far this year of this disease in Indonesia
This is our back garden being fogged. The smell is toxic, as is the product...nothing like the safe controlled substances used in Australia. I have just realized that Samino mops the floor after the spraying is done...I will have to explain that that is not the correct way to get your moneys worth and to remain bug free.
Now for this photo I really did feel like a spy......I could here this thumping noise and when I investigated here was Samino outside giving the carpet a huge beating.....I don't think that it was this clean even when we bought it!

We now have something living in our roof........some critter/s who are VERY noisy. The kids are using it as an excuse to all sleep together in Ben's room!
I will have to get the workman to investigate when they come in a few weeks. The owner is sending over some trades men to work on the huge cracks in the wall. The engineer came yesterday and told me not to worry....the house is not going to fall down, just the wood frame is not touching the masonry of the that does sound a bit worrying to me.....

I am now sleeping in new bed has arrived.......

This is how I broke my ankle searching for a new mattress....BTW no discount from the shop where I broke my ankle.............

GJ went out last week and came back with a beauty. It is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have upgraded from a standard queen size to a super/extra king.....2m x2.04m and it is wonderful. Of course I will never be able to buy linen for it in Australia......I will probably even have to get a duvet cover custom made..I worked out that because of the depth I need a duvet that is about 2.9 mts wide. You never think of these things before you buy....
When I was growing up a friend of my fathers always referred to his bed as the passion pit, well mine is now known as the loft! It is so high off the ground! We have even had Ben crawl in with out us knowing........Although he does need a step to climb up as it at his forehead height

This is the lovely teak bed we had made here in Jakarta

from Roberts furniture JL Taman Wijaya Kusuma I No. D4 ph 021 751 2223
We and some friends have bought a few things from him, very good quality and reasonably priced.
A lot of shops that target expats are super expensive, this shop is not.
Mr Eman speaks reasonable English and is very helpful.
This bed was created from a rough sketch that GJ drew and I described, it turned out EXACTLY like what I had envisaged.


Laurel Wreath said...

Oh Jen that bed is you see my jealousy through the computer screen? (you and I have similar taste, love it love it)

I love the pictures, it is like you are on a stake out =))

brad said...

Wow. That's a lot of carving on the head board. Very nice and as a king, very big. Room for all the kids too on scary storm nights.

Me said...

Absolutely STUNNING's your ankle by the way? :) I need to add you to my blogroll seems I tend to check those blogs daily and I might have missed something about your foot!

the johnstons in cambodia said...

Hi Jen

Love the bed... we are in the process of looking for mattresses too but dont have a clue where to start. Are you able to help us in the search!