Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chillies by Nikon DX40

I am just loving my new Nikon.
Even GJ is getting into it.
I was always the one who took all the photos, now I have to ask for the camera while we are touring.

I would really recommend this camera. I do want the 18-200 mm lens though, it would be so much more versatile (I don't like changing lens while out, I am paranoid about dirt and damage).
Maybe for next Christmas.


brad said...


May you need two of them.

brad said...


Shannon said...

You sound like my husband. He bought the Dx40 and now is saving to buy the 18-200 lens.

David said...

I have the D40 and I love it. I am with you on the 18-200mm it is a great lense. I still find it hard to pay 7-8 million for it. Maybe it will just show up one day in my camera bag.