Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holiday plans

We are in the process of comparing a northern hemisphere school calendar and a southern one to work out some group family getaways. Both T and I were given advise that the key to surviving in Jakarta long term is get aways.

We have Sambolo, on the east coast over looking Anak(child of) Krakatoa booked already, nearly finished planning Bali for Idul Fitri, trying to find time for a weekend safariing in Punjak + we want to go out to the Thousand islands again.

We also have our holiday back to Australia coming up, it will be the first trip home for GJ and the kids in nearly 16 months!


Shannon said...

Have you been to the sailing club at Tanjung Lesung?
That's where we are going for the Chinese New Year. With four boys plane tickets and hotel rooms kill the budget but since we can drive to the sailing club it is our favorite (affordable) get away.

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