Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shopping in Jakarta

I am not much of a shopper here in Jakarta. I love to browse but not much else. There is the time factor, the crowds (it is a national past time here to cruise the malls) and the fact that clothes here are all designed to fit a small Asian figure.

I don't venture much past Pondok Indah mall or Pasaraya Grande. I rarely venture into the city malls (they are truly spectacular) or to other ends of Jakarta.


When Tan and Jan are here I try to take them to all the hot shopping spots.

Tan has a passion for shoes and bags as well as anything by Polo (Ralph Lauren).

Polo brand is VERY expensive in Australia and much cheaper here.

Tan lucks out with the shoes....size 41 is not common here, but scores with everything else. Polo only goes up to about a size 34-36 so Jan just squeezes in but not poor old me.....

Places we go:-

  • Cilandak town square. Wednesday is ladies day and it has market stalls set up with fairly good fake handbags and curios.

  • Bogor. Bogor is a satellite city about an hours drive south of Jakarta. It is famous for its elevation, botanical gardens and being a handbag lovers paradise LOL. You can see our pictures and post of Bogor here. Handbags are sold here in huge warehouses filled to the brim with just handbags!

  • Pasarya Grande. 7 floors of interesting goodies. Until this shop I had NEVER ever seen so many shoes for sale in one shop (you can usually find up to size 39 here easily). The range of mens shoes and clothes is equally enormous!

  • Mangga Dua. Read all about it here.
  • Tamman Anggrek, Read about it here .
  • Pondok Indah Malls. My favourite, has everything.
  • Ratu Plaza. Tan has a years supply of DVD's. Seasons and seasons of favourites as well as a few or quite a few movies. But do remember the important warning about this mall
Mom and Tan hit all their favourite places and found a few more...a little shop in Kemang Timur that sells silver curios, my antique man Pak Anis to name a few.
I have a wonderful story about Pasaraya for the blog soon as well as the scoop on Pak Anis's wonderful treasures.......


dawn224 said...

Oh, I'd have no luck either - I'm a 40-41 myself.

treespotter said...

god. that truly sounds like a horror story.

Sass said...

you should venture out to the better shopping malls in jakarta.

1. Senayan City
2. Plaza Senayan
3. Grand Indonesia (partially open)
4. Pacific Place (you should bring the kids to Kidzania - check out link at
5. Plaza Indonesia

They are a HUGE range of clothes compared to PIM2, CITOS and Grande (this I can't compare yet as I havent been)

Good luck!