Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cough and start of term one at school.

I have just finished my second week back at school, it feels like we did NOT have a 6 week holiday at all LOL.

During the first week back, two kids came in with a cough…well it has spread like wildfire through teachers and kids……and guess what….of course I got it.

Ms K, one of the other friendly teachers who has also come down with the cough/flu and I are going off to find a detox centre, we have seen 2 in Kemang. Since the typhoid (K was one of the 1st ones to get it at school) time we have both caught every thing that has gone around. If any one even talks about a sickness we both seem to get it!

We think our immune systems are compromised and are going to fix them.

K has heard of an American plan that lasts for 10 days and apparently has excellent results. It will be 10 days of herbs, limited (imported) fruit and vegetables, brown rice and water and not a skerack of any thing else. There would also be massages and something I have no wish to even think of let alone contemplate.

They could be a variety of outcomes:-

  • I keel over and die from all the toxins leaving my body
  • I make it to day 2.5 and break the fast with a glass of wine and some strong pain killers
  • GJ and the kids have me committed for being a raging lunatic while suffering the release of all toxins
  • I survive 10 days on the plan and emerge glowing with health and vitality and in a dramatically slimmer body……

I think I have listed the options in the right order.

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