Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A proper, grown up party

We went to a wonderful cocktail party last Saturday night. It was a significant birthday of a friend and she wanted to celebrate in style and wow she did.
You know how some people just ooze style and class and make it look so effortless...well Stephanie is one of them!
The theme of the party was black and red. Exotic extra long, red curtains were made especially for the night, the house was filled with red roses and the floor strewn with rose petals. It was so glamorous and fun.
We sipped champagne and mingled the night away.

The party ended just after midnight, all were amazed that I was still awake.
Which is how I ended up here......
Yes, I went to my very first club/bar in Jakarta.
I think the only difference to bars in Jakarta and ones else where in the world is SMOKE...oh my it was bad.
Red Square was jamm packed, the music was so loud and the only place to dance was on the, I did not get up LOL.
As it was after midnight, I officially went to my first club on our one year anniversary in Jakarta..

wait for the next few is only Wednesday and I have already been to two other clubs bars........Don't fall of your chair or spit your coffee on the is true!


GJ said...
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GJ said...

We're all fearful now.

Have we stirred the monster inside, by opening Pandora's Box??

OOPS, close that bloody lid, NOW