Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teaching degree

I am searching uni sites at the moment to find a online/correspondence course in order to get my teaching degree (Bachelor of Education-primary) as soon as possible.

What I need to know is how do you get the degree necessary for deciphering the uni web sites in order to sign up for a degree……….

Oh my it is so confusing…..I wonder if they make it so hard so only clever people can get in?
Not that I am not clever, I am!
I am very logical and these sites just aren’t.

If any one knows of any links to Australian uni that offer this course please let me know. (if I do it through another countries uni I will be a foreign student and will probably have to pay much higher fees.)


Katy said...

oh gosh...i am NO help at all! Sorry it is so confusing! i hope you get it all worked out! :)

johnorford said...

I think this guy's wife did something similar.

might be able to help.

Edwina said...

Good to know I am not the only insomniac in jakarta who reads jenjenqld.

I did some quick research my previous job before motherhood and discovered that you can do an Early Childhood Education degree at James Cook University online. This would licence you to teach children in Queensland up to Year Three although you do gain experience teaching Years 4 to 7 as well. This qualification would be regarded well overseas.

Your main problem is that like all teaching degrees you are going to have to do between 80 and 100 days Professional Experience. Possibly in Queensland though they might accept the Australian International School here if you have a designated professional mentor who is Australian qualified. You can find the details at

Hope you find this information useful. Thanks for the tip on bringing my steam iron to Jakarta in my airfreight.

Dominic said...

Hi Jenny, you have email. Feel free to drop us a line about C's external study experience!