Thursday, January 24, 2008

Public service announcement

Great news for Jakarta expat residents.

Kemang Duty Free is now selling alcohol again!

Wine has been expensive and very hard to find since October last year, unless you were an embassy official or knew one

They are still very strict on policies.

You must show your original Kitas card (residency/identity card)
and you are limited to 3 bottles.
You also must pay in cash, probably so the official standing
next to the cash register can get some too.

Oh and don't be shocked to see the guards with HUGE guns roaming around!

Although they did let me get 4 bottles with a photocopy of my kitas.

I have never seen the shelves so full!

I am sure that will change as the news gets out.

1 comment:

dawn224 said...

:) public service announcement - excellent. guns? not so excellent.