Monday, May 07, 2007

Credit card fraud in Indonesia; Bali belly again

It only took four months for our cards to be copied and the fraud to start...
We know we live in a land with a slightly dubious reputation for credit card fraud, and have been extremely careful.
Our bank in Australia is aware that we live in Jakarta and watch our transaction very carefully and have stopped our cards with only 2 fraudulent transactions.
I think that they are pretty good to pick up a false transaction when in the last week I have used my card in Jakarta, Singapore, Cairns and Sydney....
I now have to fill out all the police paper work and organise to get my replacement cards WITHOUT using the postal service. That's Jakarta, but to be realistic, this could happen anywhere in the world.
I am going to have to get use to living in a cash based society.

The family all had a lovely weekend at home, except for me. YES, once again I spent the weekend in my bed or bathroom (more time here than the afore mentioned). I don't know what it is that is getting to me; the only thing that I can think of is salad.
I have given up the chemical vegetable soaker and use lots of salt in the first wash for the scrubbing of the fruits and veggies (with a special brush for this purpose only). Then I wash all under running water and then soak in bottled water and dry on paper towel. I do all the cooking and buy all the food in (hopefully) hygienic locations and must just have an extremely sensitive my husband would say, I need to be wrapped in cotton wool CONSTANTLY.

GJ is off on a conference to Thailand tomorrow....There is not much meaty stuff on the agenda, lots of boating and fun stuff.......lucky bugger.....
If my credit cards were working I could indulge in some retail therapy and buy myself a Mothers day present.


Munchkin Land said...

I am SO sorry. Both about the sickness and the credit card fraud. I can't imagine having to deal with one, but both at the same time? You're a saint!

Laurel Wreath said...

Uggg... I am sorry to hear this (both things; not feeling well and credit card fraud). You have so much more patience then I do girl. I salute you.

Hope you feel better soon.