Sunday, May 20, 2007

Soul food

Over the last few weeks both GJ and my self have been away a lot and been under the weather with tummy upsets and the flu for the kids. This has meant that not many nutritious, well balanced meals have been prepared or consumed.
I decided to revive our physical and mental well being with one big pot of soup.
It worked.
Soul food

As many vegetables as possible, roughly chopped (eg potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, leek, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, onions, zucchini etc)
At least half a clump of garlic, if not more!
A whole cleaned chicken
Salt and pepper
Water or stock

Place in a large heavy based pot and simmer for hour or two. Remove chicken and allow to cool. I normally drain off a couple of cups of the stock at this point and freeze for my next soup batch. Add a packet of split peas to vegetables and simmer for another hour. Pick all chicken off bones and shred. Cool vegetable soup and puree and then add shredded chicken. Stir in some cream if desired for serving.
Sometimes I add apples and /or tomato puree as well.

There is something special about chicken vegetable soup. We managed to ingest so many veggies that night (which the kids did not realize) and I have three more containers in the freezer for later.
The staff all were asking Ibu Sarinah what she was cooking as it smelt so good, and she has to say not me, the Mrs is cooking!

I cooked another one of the kids favorites last night; gourmet sausage sandwiches. I was outside chatting with Samino while he gardened and I bbq’ed the sausages (in the sticky, stinkin hot heat) when he mentions that he can BBQ. Woo hoo that is good to know.
We had wonderful fresh bread, tomato, guacamole, cucumber and grated cheese with sausages and tomato sauce. Yummy Australian style dinner.

I ordered some home delivery the other night as a treat for the kids from Amigos. They were most impresses, but so was I. When I said it was for me, Miss Jenny, the waiter said oh Miss Jenny; you want Margarita’s too, yes? How decadent is that, fajitas and margaritas delivered to your door. It is lovely that the staff all know me by name, but the fact that I like margarita’s…..