Friday, May 04, 2007

Lou Lou's exciting news.

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On our way home from Cairns, Tan and I had arranged to have Lou to come over to dinner on Tuesday night. We both had a very sneaky suspicion that she was pregnant so we wanted to have a little celebration, just in case.
Janny and I spent the day collecting a little assortment of gifts, in exact equal quantities of pink and blue, no jinxing allowed. We even picked up a bottle of non alcoholic champagne so she could have a toast with us.
Just in case this news was not forthcoming we had it all displayed in the formal lounge behind closed doors.
After ten minutes of loud, exuberant chatting and catching up I couldn’t take it any longer…and asked her if she had any news…….
The four of us were screaming and cackling in excitement when she announced her engagement, but the noise rose at least another ten decibels when she then announced her pregnancy!!!!!
After 5 minutes of tears and hugging we dragged her into the lounge where we had our little display!!!!! This then induced another round of screaming, jumping and cackling and more tears.
We well and truly all blew our knickers off that night!!!!!!LOL

Now I am claiming the very, very slightest responsibility for this baby. I sent Lou Lou a letter with her Christmas card last year with my view on principles and life. Here is a small extract. As I re-read this when I got home, I thought how true it really is

I always ask Tan how you are going, as I love your exuberance and energy. I so enjoy sitting in a room with you and Tan and feeding off your energy! You have not changed from the little 5 yr old I met many, many years ago!
I have been so blessed by my 3 children, if GJ said to me would you still have them with out a wedding, I would say yes in an instance. This is not to say that Gj is not important in any way, but the children have completed us. Greg is my soul mate, and a little license/ piece of paper doesn’t make any difference to that.
I did have a glamorous, fairy tale wedding; it was absolutely wonderful; but I would trade it in a flash for what I have now.
I want you to experience what I have and love. Life is a compromise, but think of the ultimate reward. Please don’t miss out on a family for principles or propriety, life is too short. If you are confident that J….. is for you, take any opportunity to live life for the fullest.
I know your faith is important to you as mine is to me, but is it worth sacrificing everything for the sake of it and principles?

This was a wonderful last night in Australia for me; it certainly revived my soul a little. I wish we could have had Alicia there for half an hour (she knows Lou Lou); it would have been good for her to have a few minutes of happiness, a little break from her grief.

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Munchkin Land said...

The news of a new baby is ALWAYS exciting news. How wonderful!!