Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why do kids ask WHY constantly?

Tuesday 15 th May 2007

Ben has a new word; WHY.
I am sure that most kids go through the “why” stage to some extent, the girls certainly did but Ben has taken it to an extreme.
Why is it raining, why is the ditch on this side of the road, why do workers have lunch, why does he have to have a rest, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?????????????????????????
I usually patiently address every question with a full and complete answer; usually repeating myself at least 10 to 150 times. Even our driver mutters “why, why, why” and laughs at Bens constant chatter. Sometimes I just can’t answer the question.
Ben now angrily demands
Don’t tell me you don’t know, tell me something nice that I like to hear!
This is from a three year old boy that until recently refused to speak to any one except immediate family members.
Why examples
Why do I still have a cough? - Within two minutes of leaving the DR’s office, before we even paid or collected his medicine.
How did the germs get into my cough?
Why is the sun hiding behind the clouds?
Why does the river only run one way?

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