Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A motor bike moment in Jakarta

Ben holds Suhermans hand all the time while playing, Ben drags him along when they the kids play hide and seek. You can see him grabing Suhermans hand in the below photo.
Look at their happy faces....

We have a great team of security guards at our house, two of which come to work on motor bikes. Often at shift change over there can be two bikes here, which really excites Ben.
Mr Suherman lets Ben sit on his bike and press the horn (continuously......luckily the air is full of noise otherwise we would be known as the Bad neighbours....) and occasionally rev the engine.
Last night they upped it a notch to my horror.
We live at the end of a culdasac on quite a steep road; it is great as there is no through traffic at all- its like a private road.
GJ called me outside urgently on Monday night to see the kids having joyrides up and down our street


I was horrified, yet the kids were screaming with joy and begging for more turns!!!!!
It is usual to ride motor bikes in Jakarta with small kids in front and bigger kids at the back, even newborns in pouches ride motor bikes.
I am use to seeing it as I drive through Jakarta, I am not use to seeing my kids on a moving motor bike though.
It is something that I would prefer not to ever witness again.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about noisy neighbours from hell, you have sent them here. Adele