Thursday, May 24, 2007

Soto Ayam

This is the tray of condiments and add ins
The onion chicken soup
Steamed rice and vermicelli noodles Shredded chicken
Home made potato chips

We had our third wonderful meal by our wonderful housekeeper, Ibu S.

IT WAS DIVINE, out of this world.......

We assembled our plates at the table according to our individual tastes. Of course GJ and I had everything, TWICE.

The soup was a broth style full of spices and lots of garlic.
We had vermicelli noodles, rice, chicken, tomato, shallots, coriander, bean shoots and sprouts, chili and fried garlic. This was all put into your bowl, condiments added (yes Georgie added Tomato sauce to hers) then the broth ladled all over. The exciting news is that in the freezer there is another family style meal for another time........
Here is a link to a recipe I found on Google


Laurel Wreath said...

Sounds good (as long as the spicy is not TOO spicy) but it really does look good.

johnorford said...

sots ayam is the best! u'r lucky your housekeeper is such a great cook!!

Adele said...

Jen I made Beef Rendang last night I think this will be a regular from now one,delicious ( recipe said to use 3 pieces of laos/galingale? any idea what this is. The soup also looks delicious i think i will have a go at that next.

Jo said...

Can't wait for you to be back home and entertaining us all with these new recipes and tales from afar. Say hi to all and give the kids a big hug.