Sunday, May 20, 2007

My beautitful birthday present from Janny and Tan Tan

Thursday 17th May, 2007

This is my birthday present from Janny and Tan Tan. We have named it Pondok Indah (beautiful hut). Jan and Tan wanted to get me something for my special birthday which I could keep for years to come.
I had been admiring this chair for weeks each time I drove past the shop and decided it would be perfect.
The kids love it, last weekend both the girls slept in it for the whole night. We have tied a sheet around it to make it into a fairies home!
I finally got my turn alone in it yesterday. Every time I go to sit quietly inside the kids see me and come and join in for party time. Ben was engrossed in Thomas the tank engine, the girls were on the computer, dinner was cooked so I seized the chance-a good book and chilled glass of wine with the internal light on. Yes, Pondok Indah has a light built into the top!
I had half an hour of bliss me, me, me time.

Edit, I have had another half an hour in Pondok Indah......

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