Thursday, May 10, 2007

TV Depravity ...Hannah Montana

Other the last few years I have read other parents comments on kids TV shows and not understood many of the references.

We did not have any cable TV at our home in Brisbane; but here in Jakarta we do....

I now know all about Barney, "Hot diggity Dog" and most of the Disney playhouse regulars.....

BUT I have sunk to new levels of TV depravity........Hannah Montana.
The girls have fallen in love with this show, and as it is on on Sunday afternoons I sometimes watch it with them. The other night I put all the kids to bed and was flicking through the 60 or so channels we have and landed on Hannah Montana AND STAYED ON IT !!!!!
Yes, all by myself, alone in bed, I watched and giggled through the show and gasped when Jake Ryan pecked Hannah on the lips. The girls were SO jealous that I got to watch the show, they don't realise that there mother is not a pre teen but a grown women with a serious TV problem. LOL

On a adult note I watched "Because I said so' last night; it was excellent!!!

If i wanted to I could watch Spider man 3, because it is in the DVD shop already, But I would have to watch SM1 and SM 2 first.

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