Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Internet is back on

I am sure that you have gathered that I am connected again.....

At last the Internet is back on!!!!!
11 days with no Internet in a foreign country with the phones out as well.

Our landlord has heard about our problems and came out with the real estate broker to sort it all out. Ibu R is a lovely lady who is the kids new best friend, as she came with a bag full of treats.
We have worked out that there is faulty wiring in the walls somewhere which is causing all the problems. Her phone technician spent three hours here hopefully fixing the phones. Kablevision kept not turning up to fix the Internet, and now it has just come back on.......for how long I do not know. As soon as I told them on the phone that they can recompense me for the 11 days of no cover the Internet was switched on. We pay around $100 per month to Indostat for service, that is a lot of money in Indonesia.

We have a small vacant lot next to our house that we have permission to clear and use as a vegetable garden. Our staff and next doors all want to grow things and the kids want to help. It will look allot better than the tin fence and shanty that is there now. Sarinah wants chooks, as do the kids. I will have to do a lot of research for this as Indonesia is the world's hot spot for bird flu.
We are settling in well here, it really does feel like home. GJ and I both see us living in Asia for the foreseeable future, it is a very exciting place.

When are you coming for a visit?
Yes, I do mean you and you and you.........

We have planed two trips...
In the summer school holidays we are going to do a 10 day car trip to Yogyakarta and in October we are going to Singapore to meet GJ's dad on his return from his first ever overseas holiday.

We are ready to do some weekend getaways but don't know where to start.
Any suggestions would be welcome
(please keep in mind that as there is 5 of us and our driver, budget family escapes are what we are looking for).

I have to go as there is a huge, magnificent lightening storm over head and I don't think I should have the computer on...........

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treespotter said...

hmm... can't think of anything right now, but the drive all the way to Jogja sounds trying. i love driving, but it seems like an awful long way to go, and probably not very nice drive too.

and the kids, oh... the kids... 10 hours in the car. i'll fly. or at the very least, bring the margaritas.